Royal ocean blue suit for man

All eyes on you. Well, they will be when you wear the Ashford Birdseye Navy Suit. The effect of midnight threads woven with a rich, deep blue “eye” demands a closer look. In addition to being custom made to your unique measurements and specifications, SUIT FITTER suits are built with top quality components and thoughtful construction. All our suit jackets are half canvassed for greater versatility and superior shape for your body. Each jacket also features fully canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, lightweight shoulder pads and high quality collar felts.

  • Seasonal
  • 100% Merino wool

$599.00 $299.00


custom suitBlue suit are always royal in your events , get you own measurement and let us know , if the trouble to get your size please let us know by whatApp or email us , we can mange your perfect size .

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Weight 12 kg


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